Meet our team

Jerome Concisom:
A well travelled Malaysian and now a NZ citizen. Graduated with LLB Honours at Thames Valley University in London and the MBA (General) from Keele University. A successful leader with a proven track record and ability to develop people and commercialise all aspects of the business. Joined Commonwealth Vault in 2002 reporting to the Board from day one. His responsibility is to build the growth from 200 Safety Deposit Boxes to current 7500 boxes and ongoing. Growth areas have been to integrate and compliment the core business of Safe Deposit Boxes, with the recent trading of Gold and Silver Bullion and partnering with NZFOREX in offering value added services to the database of Customers the Vault has. The new value-add service will be mortgages (embryonic stage) for implementation in the new year.

Dennis Govender:
Emigrated from South Africa in 1997 to continue with Management Consulting in NZ. Proficient in Management Operating Systems and graduated in Organisational structures and work processes with qualifications in Economics and Psychology from the University of Durban Westville and qualified in Small Business Accounting in Auckland (NZ). Responsible for the development and implementation of business processes and standards for regular reporting on established KPI’s to highlight variances for analysis on trends. Certified Management Consultant in developing and auditing Quality Management Systems (QMS), which assists in maintaining Commonwealth Vault’s ISO certification, achieved in 2008. Overall responsibility with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counterfeit and Terrorism (CFT) for compliance and reporting for National records. Maintenance of Bullion Sales, Purchases, trends and reporting, including FOREX registration and transaction activity in partnership with NZFOREX. Also involved with the development, installation and implementation of new products and processes

Anthony Raposo:
Hails from West Coast of India (Mumbai) and is a permanent resident of NZ for the past 15 years. Is our Senior Manager since 2003 and has the overall responsibility for Sales. Anthony is articulate with his interpersonal and language skills which is the foundation for success in achieving all Sales targets. In a previous role he managed Security, Cargo, Ground Handling, Arrivals, Departures experience at the Mumbai airport for 22 different airlines. Also comes with Hotel and marketing experience from Mumbai and had his own transport company which he ran successfully until he decided to look for better opportunities in a foreign land. Prior to joining Commonwealth Vault, held a Managerial position at the British Petroleum in NZ for a period of 6 years. His motto is “it only takes a little bit of civility to be good to people”.

Anna Li:
Originally from China (Hong Kong) and brings a rich experiences on retail Sales, Purchasing and Payroll. Graduated with a degree in Economics (China) and completed an English course, Certificate on Business studies (introduction) and Diploma of Business Studies (Management) in Auckland (NZ). Anna is very professional and joined the team with good language skills (English, Mandarin and Cantonese). She comes with 2 years experience as advertising consultant with large Asian Language television network broadcasting from Penrose in Auckland (NZ) and 4 years experience as personal assistant / legal secretary in busy legal office with large Asian clientele maintaining credit and fees control over client transactions. Her friendliness is the base to her success in Retail Sales, achieving deadlines and targets

Tony Hunt:
Always been a Kiwi and is known for following due process which enables him to achieve his stringent targets and timelines. He is the face to our stringent Key Control Management, which foundations our Security values. His previous employment includes, 18 years at ANZ Bank performing all banking activities, 10 years in Debt collection and 4 years in Property Management. He is very proficient with numbers resulting in strict control of our General Accounts. The key to Tony’s success is his work ethics and professional attitude in placing the customer first with the Company’s goals at heart. He goes the extra mile to satisfy Customer requirements.

Zubin Rahman:
Originally from South India (Tamil Nadu) and is a NZ citizen for the past 12 years. Graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University of Madras, majoring in Accountancy and also qualifying with a graduate Diploma in Management from NZIM. He has strong people and security skills and is with Commonwealth Vault since 2003. He is our Vault Manager, well versed with Operational and Access Control Policies and Procedures. His language skills puts him in a good position to achieve company’s targets. During his employment he has developed good listening skills, thus understanding Customer requirements and providing suitable solutions to Customers for easy decision making. His belief is a “WIN – WIN” situation all round.