The world is “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous” - VUCA. Investment decisions are difficult. Although there has been some pick up in economies since the financial crisis the outlook varies across regions. Gold is unique as an asset class rebalancing to reflect the environment. How? Conventionally, investors have viewed gold as an asset they should buy when risks increase. Gold also benefits from periods of economic expansion when there is typically stronger consumption of technology and jewellery, which together represent more than half of global gold demand. In addition, over the long term, it preserves wealth, and adds to it. Gold is always in demand somewhere, either as something exquisite to be aspired to, or as an investment. Whatever changes we see in global stock markets, currencies or government credit ratings, gold remains solid over the long term.
- World Gold Council

Buy or rent a Bullion storage box

Gold and Silver Bullion are popular, with investors all over the world and many financial experts encourage the use of gold and silver in investment portfolios.

Commonwealth Vault Bullion Safes offer a premium solution to your storage needs for precious metals. The Safes offer additional levels of security, giving you the peace of mind in making sure that your investments are protected and stored securely.

We do not recommend safes at home as it is fraught with risk and could result in the loss of your investments and for this it is imperative that your investment of precious metal are kept offsite in a purpose built facility at Commonwealth Vault.

Two Sizes to choose from:



120mm x 120mm x 413mm



95mm x 190mm x 413mm

*inner dimension of boxes measured

Virtually unlimited terms
The choice is yours. Rent a box for a single month or for many years, or purchase a box on perpetually renewable terms for a virtually unlimited period of time. Purchased boxes can be on-sold or bequeathed.

Priced to fit your budget
The cost will vary depending on the size of box and the length of time you choose.